Accolades for Katie Murphy

Katie – I truly cannot thank you enough for making the purchase of Monty such an enjoyable experience. Deciding on him was a huge decision for me, but because of your honesty, kindness and professionalism, I was able to make that decision is confidence. Thank you for all you’ve done to support this process: from taking care of Monty while I found him a home, to helping me find transport for him, and making sure he was comfortable on his journey. It’s rare that I come across people as genuine as you are and I think that sets you light years apart from other business owners… and people in general! I’ve been searching for a new partner for years, and I’m so excited for what the future hold for Monty and me. Thank you so much!

-Candace Boissy, Alexandria, VA

If you want to purchase a horse, sell your horse, train your horse or train yourself and your horse… there are many places to go. But if you want premium results delivered with great integrity, ethics and optimum care and concern for both yourself and your horse, there is but one person who will deliver all of these important elements.  Katie Murphy will put you and your horse above her personal self.  She will serve up guidance, direction, resources, contacts, unsurpassed ability and highly professional expertise for the sole purpose of obtaining your own equestrian goals and objectives.  Katie is a supreme equestrian, but more importantly, she is an extraordinary person.  Having her on your side is the only way to go.  You could say she will have your back, but when it comes to Katie it’s more like your back, your front and everything in between!

-The Phillips/Berkowitz Family, Exeter, NH

This past July I had the pleasure of meeting Katie Murphy while searching for my new equine partner.  My trainer has known Katie for many years and reached out to her to see if she had any horses or had any other contacts who may have had what I was looking for.  She had an amazing quarter horse cross gelding (Dudley Do Right) being boarded at her facility and welcomed me to come try him out.  I can’t say enough about how pleasant my experience was with Katie.  Right from our first meeting, she was very friendly and professional.  She was upfront about how she runs her business and shows so much enthusiasm and dedication to helping riders find their next horse.  She tells you everything about the horse you are looking at (good or not so good) so that there are no surprises and so that you have the opportunity to decide if the horse is going to be right for you.  She invited me back for a second visit to do a road hack and see how well the horse performed on the road, in fields, etc.  She let me take the reins when I arrived, getting him from his stall, tacking him up, and cooling him out.  She really wanted me to get a sense of who the horse was and what his abilities were.  She answered any and all questions that I had, gave me some great guidance along the way, and I ended up with a beautiful little chestnut Quarter Horse.  I recommend Katie to anyone who is looking to own a horse.  She is a true horsewoman!  Thank you Katie!

– Erin Campbell, Salem, NH

I had heard of Katie Murphy as an event rider, but I knew nothing of her as a trainer until I was grappling with the difficult decision of selling my current horse.  I had contacted her by email and phone and found her to be very prompt, honest and compassionate.  When my horse unexpectedly was sold by the trainer at my current barn just before he was to go to Katie in training to be sold, she was very understanding and gracious about the change of plan.  Katie was very informative and provided me with a lot of information despite the fact that she had unexpectedly “lost the business” thru no fault of her own.  When my husband and I met Katie, we were so immediately impressed by her professionalism and candor that we knew she was the person we wanted me to work with in the search of my new horse!  I found Katie very patient in the search and she took a lot of time and care in using her contacts and looking at ads and videos. I never felt pressured to try a certain horse or make a decision – Katie wanted the appropriate horse for me, a “match.”  In the end, the horse I chose was one that I would have most likely “looked over” based on superficial reasons, but was the horse that when I rode it I was instantly impressed by it’s movement and was in love!  I now have that horse Katie discovered in full training with her and am very pleased with the results.  I feel informed of her progress and development and Katie has been great with providing photos and video when available while my horse is away from me.  I look forward to seeing both my horse and my own riding progressing with Katie’s teaching and help.  I have never had a negative exchange of ideas with Katie and find her to be a positive force.  As well as being honest, patient and compassionate, Katie has impressed me with her understanding and knowledge of horses and the training process. I look forward training with Katie and competing in eventing with my new partner.

– Kimberly Sgroi, Salem, MA

I needed someone I could trust for my very nice young prospect for dressage. I liked Katie from the beginning: no lies, straight forward, and very good with the horses. She has done a great job with him and I can recommend her for her work in building confidence and work ethic in young horses.

– Melanie Cerny
Around The Bend Farm, Amesbury, MA
USDF Gold Medalist

I have been training with Katie consistently for over three years and she is one of the most positive and constructive instructors I’ve had the pleasure to work with. She is wonderful with young/ green horses as well as riders of any age or level. I leave each lesson with a smile on my face and feeling of accomplishment (no matter how big/ small). Thanks Katie!!! Ps- her property/ ring/ and jumps/ caveletti are gorgeous.

– Erin Cheever, Nottingham, NH

Katie is absolutely fantastic! She has helped my gelding and I progress both with our dressage work and our jumping over the past two years, but more importantly she has helped me gain back the confidence and direction that I had lost. She is the perfect mix of professional, knowledge, and energy!

– Beth Worcester, Allenstown, NH

Her knowledge and understanding of young horses has been critical in my young mare’s education! Not only is Katie great with the youngsters, she also helped me with my older gelding to significantly improve our show jumping! She is a great all around trainer and instructor! I would highly recommend Katie Murphy!

 – Jackie Gilbert, Dover, NH

I have been very fortunate to ride with Katie Murphy for a few years now. She has helped me and my horse Baloo form a stronger partnership after devastating injuries for both of us. While I was injured she rode Baloo for me and worked on many things, including his tendency to bolt. Through watching her ride and through lessons after I was able to ride again, she helped restore the confidence I had lost after a bad fall. I learned how to better communicate with Baloo and how to handle his bolting episodes. Lessons with Katie are always enjoyable, and she has helped me attain goals that I thought were beyond my reach through her positive, yet firm, approach. One thing I admire about Katie is her ability to break down and explain whatever she has asked me to do. This is so helpful to me because it enhances my understanding of why we are doing things a certain way, and makes me more willing to push myself beyond my comfort zone to try new things.

Recently I was able to send Baloo to Katie for five weeks of training. I was very impressed at the care he received and how Katie treated him as though he were her own horse. She always provided regular updates on the work she had done with him and how he was progressing. After less than two weeks there was already a noticeable change in Baloo’s abilities, and at the end of the five weeks the difference was impressive! In short, Baloo has returned home a much more fit, willing, and happy horse.

                Katie is very personable, professional, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and kind. She is truly wonderful to work with, and I would highly recommend her to anyone!

– Stephanie Brann, Milford, NH

I want to thank Katie Murphy for taking my horse Collected Confetti, aka Jeffery, from a pasture puff to starting to become an event horse! Thank you so much for all the time, effort and care you have given him in the last 4 months. You are a wonderful person and true professional that I would trust with any of my horses and that’s saying a lot!

– Jennifer Ayers

Our horse, Gracious Plenty (“Slick”) was in training with Katie for 2 months while my son, the horse’s usual rider, was recovering from health issues.  Katie combines a genuine affection for the horses in her care with a dedicated training program that allows the horses to bloom mentally and physically.  Our horse progressed more in 2 months under Katie’s training than I ever imagined possible.  He emerged a fitter and better eventer, and has a confident, calm approach to his work.   Katie is very honest and professional in all aspects of the business and it was a genuine pleasure to work with her.

– Lisa Ambrose Cook, Brookline, NH

When I think of Katie Murphy, words like respectful, kind, patient and encouraging come to mind. These attributes she uses not only when working with her students, but with their horses as well.

I first met Katie at a large local event and was immediately impressed with how calmly and positively she warmed up her young horse in a very charged atmosphere. I stayed to watch her test and was not at all surprised to see that each stride was a positive teaching moment.

When the time came to buy a horse, I could think of no one better to help me in my search and I was beyond thrilled when Katie agreed to take me on as a client. She has incredible connections up and down the Each coast, which was a big plus in the often arduous process. Never once did she try to make the decision for me, which was so refreshing. Instead, she was there through the ups and downs, working as a sounding board. She even called me after a heart-breaking vetting, just to see how I was doing.

Perhaps the best thing I can say about Katie is that she has an uncanny ability to adapt her style of teaching to each client. As a re-rider coming off a 30-year hiatus, I have plenty of questions. Instead of getting frustrated by this or by my mistakes, she adjusts to help my horse Molly and I move forward in a positive, non-discouraging way. 

– Melissa Alaimo, North Andover, MA

We have had the pleasure of working with Katie Murphy as trainer for two years, and this year had the great luck to have her help in finding a new horse for my daughter who had outgrown her pony. Katie is the rare person who is incredibly talented and able to teach. She exudes calm and confidence and transfers that to her students and helps them develop into strong, focused riders. She is incredibly demanding, but unceasingly positive in her approach. Katie also intuitively knows how to best approach a student to help them grow. She can sense how her students are responding to a situation and seems always to come up with something to help them succeed and to feel good about themselves as they learn. Not only has Katie taught my daughter to ride better, but she has taught her about perseverance and positivity as well as horsemanship and how to behave properly at an event.   I have been a teacher for over 20 years, and I can say with confidence that Katie is someone who was born to teach. She has a gentle, no-nonsense firmness that brings out the best in her students.

I also enthusiastically recommend Katie to help a rider find a new horse. I am not a horse person; I was quickly overwhelmed in the process of searching for a horse. Katie knew what kind of horse we needed, steered me kindly but firmly away from attractive sidetracks with horses that would not be a fit for my child. Her patience in teaching me how to look for a horse was astounding. We found an amazing new partner for my daughter. Her new horse is safe and honest but challenges her to do things right.

– Marcey Rawitscher, Amherst, NH

Katie Murphy and I first met years ago, naturally, because of horses. Katie was a member of her high school’s equestrian team which rode at the barn where I was a resident barn rat. Her mare, Sharre, was gorgeous, and I remember stopping by her stall to admire her every time I walked down the barn aisle.

Fast forward fifteen years or so and I’m still admiring Katie’s horses. She now rides as a professional Eventer and has an incredible talent for bringing young horses along. After graduating from college, she visited a breeding farm to pick out her next project. While horse shopping may sound fun, it takes an incredibly skilled eye to pick out the right horse. And when they’re as young as the prospects Katie was looking at, you really have to know your stuff. But she had no trouble picking out her future eventing mount, First Glance aka “Fitty” a dark bay weanling. Fitty arrived at her farm in the middle of a cold New Hampshire November. Katie slept huddled up under electric blankets in the barn aisle the first few nights to keep Fitty company and help him settle into his new home and the foundation for their partnership was laid.

– excerpt from Jenna Leigh Teti Photography

This past winter, I had the pleasure of riding and taking lessons with Katie Murphy. Katie took the time to help me work with and become a better team with my four-year-old Trakehner. Her positive teaching style provided me with the confidence to take on new challenges and improve skills with my horse. Through different exercises, jumping and flat, she helped us to understand each other a little better and build our skills. Through the coldest weeks, Katie was at our barn, always eager to teach our lessons. I am very glad to have had the opportunity to ride and learn with Katie!

– Zoe Michas and Electra GS

I was fortunate to be able to ride with Katie several times this winter. Being stuck in the indoor during off-season is difficult, especially for event horses and riders, but my lessons with Katie were constructive and refreshing. She challenged my horse and I and helped us break through some barriers in only a short amount of time. She is always encouraging and clear in her instruction . Katie’s knowledge, enthusiasm and dedication to the sport are evident. I am looking forward to working more with Katie in the future!

– Janelle Phaneuf

When I decided to head down to Florida for the winter one of my main concerns was helping my clients, who were staying at home, find a way to continue lessoning. Katie put all these worries at ease. I asked Katie if she would be interested in teaching as she is a great rider, a great communicator, and has her horses on a successful program. The drive was a hike for her and the weather was brutal, but still every weekend Katie would call in her cheerful way to recap the lessons of the day! It was a great feeling to be kept updated and to be able to bounce ideas off of each other for each rider’s individual needs. Every rider came away from the lessons feeling successful. Katie Murphy is a great role model for all in the sport of eventing as she’s professional, dedicated, and willing to work as a team to better the sport. I look forward to working with Katie in the future and whole heartily recommend Katie for lessons, training, and clinics. I wish Katie and Fitty the best of luck for the season and can’t wait to see how Emitt comes along!

– Jessica Halliday, Hudson, MA

This fall I decided I wanted to pursue eventing and was very lucky to have found Katie Murphy. Getting my horse on the bit was a fight every time and nearly felt impossible. Within 3 lessons, my thoroughbred and I had come from being stiff and resistant to each other, to soft and willing. Katie’s method of give and take taught us patience, one of the most important parts of the infrastructure of successful training. I am very glad to have had the opportunity to work with Katie, as we now have a solid foundation to work off of!

– Nicole Parker and Homeward Bound

I had the pleasure of meeting Katie Murphy this winter when she came to do some clinics at our barn. I have two daughters 9 and 13 years old, both at different levels in eventing with completely different ponies. She took the time to find out what goals they had and what their horses had done in the past year. Katie was very professional yet easy for my kids to communicate with. She was encouraging and challenged them and their horses.

Katie had a long drive to our barn during the coldest month of the year and she was always on time, smiling thru the bitter cold and enthusiastic to help each rider! I applaud her commitment and dedication to this sport and to helping young ones achieve their goals in eventing!

– Kristin Freundlich
Mother to Taylor and Talia

It is with great pleasure and confidence that I address Katie Murphy’s skill and ability as an Event horse trainer.

I have known Katie for over four years and during this time she has exhibited the utmost professionalism, organization and determination in all her endeavors. Specifically, I have watched her train two talented but extremely different event horses to the Preliminary and Intermediate levels with great success. The first horse, a sensitive Thoroughbred mare, which needed retraining after a bad start with a previous owner. The patience and diplomacy in handling this mare resulted in a new horse with a winning record. This mare was then sold to an amateur rider who continues with enormous success. This is a direct result of Katie’s correct and patient training. The second horse is a young Dutch gelding that Katie purchased as a foal and trained to the Preliminary level. Again, her patience and classical approached has resulted in an outstanding Preliminary Level Event horse, who could excel in any individual discipline.

Katie’s systematic approach, to all aspects of horsemanship, provides each horse with an individualized training and stable management program. She applies new technology with old school traditions to provide the best feeding, conditioning and training plan. She looks at each horse as an individual and preserves their spirit while accomplishing the training goals. I look forward to Katie’s continued achievements in all her equestrian pursuits.

– Leslie de Grandmaison
USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist
USDF “L” graduate with Distinction
British Horse Society Assistant Instructor Certified

I have known Katie since she was a little girl, riding her chestnut pony, Deedee, in Pony Club. Through the years, I have watched her grow as a horsewoman and a competitor. I was proud to have her work with me coaching the Colby-Sawyer College Equestrian team and have come to have a deep respect for her dedication to her sport and her intellectual approach to training, conditioning, nutrition, shoeing and all other aspects of horsemanship. She clearly has a deep love for the horse as an animal and is one of the truly exceptional horsewomen of my acquaintance.

– Pam Payson
Colby-Sawyer College
Equestrian – Head Coach

While working with Katie, I found her to be a very polite, conscientious and driven rider with an apparent love for the horses and the sport.

– Leslie Law
2004 Individual Olympic Champion
Team Silver Medalist

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