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When you don’t gallop through the finish flags, a part of you is left on that cross country course. I can count the number of times I have not finished XC on one hand. With 25+/- years of competing, I’m pleased with that. The rare time a retirement or elimination happens, the weight of that moment is far heavier then any successful completion could lift. And so it was at Seneca Valley Pony Club horse trials this past weekend. Read the rest of this entry »

Kick Off 2017 – Fair Hill

Garth and I kicked off our season in genuine form at Fair Hill International. The win was an added bonus (who doesn’t love a blue ribbon?!), but it was the ride before we landed at the show grounds that set the tone for the weekend.

Above all things – Love your horse. Photo: Fair Hill Int’l

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Whoa D*amn It!

After a forgiving, though arduous New England winter, Garth and I set out on our first Canter set.
Trotting toward the hilly dirt road, we pass through a rural area of homes bordered by stonewalls and rolling fields.
Trotting –
K – Focus Garth. Look straight ahead
G – Oh my, that is an imposing tree. And that mailbox!
K – Truck coming. Stay straight, stop spooking at rocks.
G – A truck? Let’s race it!!

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Things We Love – Part 5

It’s spring in New England, and that means winter is behind us – thank heavens! It also means cleaning. As we gleefully usher in the new season, I am busily removing all things winter that I normally would have done in January had I headed south for those spirit-crushing, heart-freezing, depression-inducing months of winter.

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2016 In The Rearview

Across social media, the general consensus is that 2016 stunk. Like any year, there were disappointments – and for some, more then the positive experiences within those 365 days. No year is perfect. For us, 2016 was a year of lessons learned, boundaries pushed, and the importance of finding hints of humor and joy in every day.

Laughter is a necessity. Our Stubben rep extraordinaire: Andrea Manley after her brilliant GMHA XC run. Read the rest of this entry »

Dare to Dream

As I initially drafted the introduction to this recap of the Virginia CIC**, I was going to begin this recap with humor insinuating an illicit love affair between horse and rider. But now, post-election, as I read the painful outcries from those whose candidate was defeated and the equally painful responses from those whose candidate won, this is not time for humor with regards to the pursuit of happiness.

VA CCI* Spring 2016 Photo: Brant Gamma Photography

VA CCI* Spring 2016
Photo: Brant Gamma Photography

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Monty’s Moment at UNH

Not many 4yos casually graze amidst chaos.

Not many 4yos casually graze amidst chaos.

Do you remember the last time everything seemed to fall into place? All your work came together and your ride went exactly according to plan? It’s doesn’t happen often – after all, our partner often has their own agenda – but this is what happened with Monty yesterday.

A suddenly chilly morning in the 30s with a breeze that would freeze the warmest of Autumn hearts, Monty and I trailered to UNH for our early dressage time. Read the rest of this entry »

GMHA: AKA Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. This weekend did not go as I had intended. At all.

The day began with Monty warming up calmly and beautifully, entering the ring like a happy champion, and then hearing the error bell. Twice. Turns out I had memorized the wrong test. So, I thanked the judge, withdrew, and wished her a great day. Monty was done for the weekend.

Deszi went into the dressage like the star she always is and won on a 28.6. This is what she does. And she does it well. Read the rest of this entry »

Morven Mayhem

A beautiful view upon arrival.

A beautiful view upon arrival.

Let’s be honest: the end of the season hasn’t gone to plan. GMHA was a bust for both Monty and Deszi, and now Morven. The theme of this weekend was rain. And more rain. And guess what? It’s raining again. When we packed up to head home to NH yesterday morning, Garth was questioning: “20 hours of driving for a 2 phase? Really, Katie?” Read the rest of this entry »

Town and Country

Magnificent Monty "Muffin"

Magnificent Monty “Muffin”

The Eventers Logo is “Red on right, white on left, insanity in the middle”. I think insanity runs wild between Friday and Sunday.

The weekend was kicked off at Town Hill Farm: Monty competed in the 4yo YEH division Friday, and both Monty and Susie competed in Open Novice Saturday. What a property! The turf was phenomenal, landscape was gorgeous, a breeze dulled the intense sun, and the horses were all calm and happy. This is a perfect place for the YEH and FEH competitions. Read the rest of this entry »

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