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Reputation and integrity matter. Honesty and ethics are paramount when Katie’s sells horses, and assists clients with the purchase of their next partner. If you are interested in any of our horses, please contact Katie. With our extensive contacts, Murphy Eventing is aware of buyers and horses for sale along the East Coast that are often not advertised. We would be pleased to help you!

Deszi - Spring GMHA 2015 OPDesert Sonorous

2009 Thoroughbred  Height: 16.2 hands

“Deszi” is the ideal lady’s ride, and would be a lovely partner for someone looking for confidence, or the adult/young rider seeking an experienced horse to safely show them to ropes of eventing.
She is elegant under saddle, and soft and supple to the aids. A quiet mind, Deszi is always composed. Her stride is soft and smooth, with a rhythm that is easy to settle into and jump from. She never says no, and does not get frazzled from rider mistakes. Despite her young age, she is incredibly quiet and focused in the ring, on trails, roads, open fields and at competitions. Deszi has extensive Preliminary experience and has competed at two CIC*. This season, she has helped her rider toward earning their USDF Bronze Medal with scores of 70.926 (First Level Test 1) and 65.515 (Second Level Test 1) at her first attempt. Deszi is not mare-ish, requires no maintenance, and is not on any supplements or hormone therapies. Sound, sane, and kind, Deszi will build your confidence, keep you safe, and allow you to enjoy the ride. Inquire For Price.

D1 dressage 2

Deszi - Fitchs OP2015 Professional Use







Dudley Do Right


2007 Quarter horse  Height: 15.1 hands

Dudley is what dreams are made of: for the young rider or adult amateur. Kind, consistent and always careful, Dudley will keep you safe as he keeps you smiling. Smooth under saddle, Duds will work diligently in the ring and over fences, or take you through an open field and wooded trails with confidence. He is a very special partner that loves new adventures, and spending time with his special person. Sold and now living in ME.

 MontagneMonty XC


2012 Thoroughbred  Height: 16 hands

“Monty” is an exceptionally kind and sensible youngster. He works diligently, hacks in fields and on roads with casual confidence, and has never said no to a fence or gymnastic line. His lineage oozes athleticism, his incredible mind provides calm focus in new situations, and calculative awareness through jumping exercises. Quick with his feet, willing, and eager to please, Monty is a very special partner that will easily compete at Preliminary. In 2016, competed at the Novice level and is ready to move up to Training. Sold and now living in VA.




Westerly Cat


2005 Thoroughbred Height: 15.1 hands

“Westie” is the ideal horse for a small adult or younger rider. She is naturally balanced and very safe in and out of the ring. She is consistent to the fences, honest over fillers – including liverpools – and is not flustered by rider mistakes. Westie hacks out quietly alone or in company, and has changes though not confirmed. She is the ideal horse for a rider looking to advance, regain confidence, or for someone needing a low maintenance mount. Very safe on the ground, great manners, easy keeper, sound and healthy. Sold and now living in NH.

Susie 2Lowhill Carrick Lass


2006 Irish Sporthorse 16.0 hands

“Susie” was imported from Ireland in 2011. Her incredible kindness translates through her honesty and consistency under saddle and in the barn. She has competed at several USEA Beginner Novice and Novice horse trials. She schools everything with ease, and shows an aptitude for the upper levels. Her gaits are soft, and her canter has power and scope within a soft stride. Her jump is careful and economical – she rarely touches a fence, and will keenly find her way over the jump regardless of the distance. Suzie has exceptional barn manners, and a history of absolute soundness. She is the ideal horse for someone returning to riding after time away from the saddle, or looking for confidence over fences. Susie is on no supplements or hormone therapies – no maintenance. Sold and now living in CT.

Caledon HT - 18-190611Ballygannon


2006 Irish Sporthorse  Height: 17.1 hands

Imported in 2009, “Danny” has experience through training level and the Jumpers. This gentle giant adores hacking, riding on the beach, and is the same horse at home and at shows. Don’t have time to ride every day? That is alright with this kind boy. A gentleman on the ground, and easy to work with, Danny is a versatile horse with an excellent foundation in all three phases. He is perfect for an adult looking to have fun and variety in their rides, or a rider that wants to dabble in all the rings and has a passion for flatwork. His lovely movement pins him at the top in dressage He has automatic changes, and is a “kick ride” over fences. He loves hacking, hunter paces, and rides on the beach – with others or alone. Sold and now living in MA.


Piper Super Cruiser

2008 Thoroughbred Mare  Height: 16 hands

An exceptional jumper and confidence builder!
Not tattooed, no race training.
Piper will build your confidence over fences! Working over novice and training level courses, with greater technical questions. Excellent over trakehners, ditches, bank complexes, water complexes/combinations, and angling fences (in and out of the ring). Exceptional awareness of her balance, foot-fall, and striding. Piper is a natural jumper and finds the correct distance with her eye every time. Very well balanced across terrain. Excellent working in a group or alone – she stands quietly when other horses losing their minds, or are galloping around. Sold and now living in NY.


2002 Hanoverian Cross Gelding Height: 16.2 hands

Looking for a safe, sound and kind horse that is educated and loving? Chianti has three lovely gaits, jumps small courses and schools cross country. Honest and incredibly steady to the jumps, no rushing in the ring or in open fields. Fun to hunter pace, take out on the trail with a group or alone, and enjoys the beach! Wonderful to work around in the barn: no vices, good for bathing, clipping, vacuuming, farrier and vet. Used for youth lessons, Chianti is the same horse if you ride him every day or take a few weeks off. Wonderful match for adult amateur or pony clubber. A wonderful, SAFE horse that is fun and will build confidence. Sold and now living in MA.

BelezaLondon Fog

2009 Holsteiner Cross Mare
Height: 15.3 hands

London Fog is a very kind young horse, with a soft eye and eager attitude toward work. She is green and working over courses of 2’6″-2’9″ fences with ascending oxers of 3′. She is quickly learning her lead changes. London shows exceptional use of her front end and back over the jumps, and is keen over fences and through placement poles. Three naturally balanced, soft gaits and an incredibly smooth and rhythmical canter. She is showing aptitude toward 3’6″. Very good ground and barn manners, London is a pleasure to work with in the barn and alongside the trailer. A stunning hunter or equitation partner. Sound and healthy – she is not mare-ish and is not on any supplements. Sold and now living in CO.

UriGood to the Nth

2010 Thoroughbred Gelding
Height: 15.3 hands

A well-intentioned, kind horse, “Uri’s” exceptional movement and balance immediately caught Katie’s eye. His cadence and uphill build made for stunning, ground covering gaits and a presence far greater then his smaller frame. Young and curious, Uri is a true gentleman in the barn and under saddle. Katie found him in Pennsylvania during her winter season in Aiken. He is now owned by a leading hunter/equitation trainer in New Hampshire, and is certain to be a contender in the show ring! Sold and now living in NH.

Ensign on Deck RGS

Dutch Warmblood KWPN
Birth Date: June 2009
Height: 16.1+ hands

Emitt” is 16.1 hands and growing and will be 4 years old in late June. Consistent in tempo and rhythm, and brave to fences and lines, Emitt has the mind and scope for the jumpers or as an equitation prospect. Incredibly soft and smooth form over fences with excellent power and engagement. He has been started slowly and carefully due to his age and ability. Experience through gymnastics, grids, trails, and riding in an open field. Excellent manners at shows, and maintains composure and good sense in stimulating environments. A sweet and inquisitive horse, Emitt learns quickly and is eager to please. Stunning chrome, comfortable gates, and a naturally uphill canter to fences. He has an incredible jump that earned the comment of being “a freakishly good jumper” from Olympian Kim Severson. Sold and now living in NH.

Fitty 1

First Glance

Dutch Warmblood Cross
Birth Date: May 2002
Height: 16.3 hands

“Fitty” is an exceptionally diverse competitor and partner, with a calm and willing personality suitable for an amateur. He has evented through the Preliminary and CIC* levels, schooled through 3rd level dressage, and shown in the hunter, equitation and jumper rings. A careful and honest jumper, he is best suited for the 3’ – 4’ equitation ring or jumpers, or as a dressage horse. Fitty has never been lame. He hacks out alone and in company on the buckle. He maintains focus on the flat and over fences regardless of stimuli. Well-behaved at competitions, a pleasure to work around, and excellent manners (vet, farrier, clips, bathes, trailering). Exceptional form over fences and lovely movement on the flat – an uncomplicated, fun ride. This well-built, stunning dark bay garners attention wherever he goes.

Infinite Skye

SoldInfinite Skye
American Thoroughbred

Birth Date: April 24, 1997
Height: 16.1 hands

Skye is a pleasure to work with. Her compassionate, workman-like manner ensures focus and diligence while training and in competition. She is relaxed and disciplined on the flat, exudes confidence on cross country and is great fun in the field. Skye has competed at Area 1’s most difficult competitions and the 2008 Fitch’s Corner CIC*. Skye will be an excellent match for an Adult Amateur or Junior rider.


We have had the pleasure of assisting with the sales and purchases of many fine horses:


2011 German Riding Pony (Oldeburg x Hanovarian)
Height: 15.3 hands

Reagan embodies that rare balance of exceptional light and forward movement with a mature mind for a youngster. Her cadence shows great potential on the flat, and her natural balance gives great indication of a fabulous jump. She hacks out quietly, and is a joy to have in the barn. Bred by Ann Kitchel of Huntington Farm, VT, Reagan is now partners with Kim of MA.




2008 Oldenburg gelding
Height: 16.2 hands

Romeo is a stunning young gelding with beautiful movement and fabulous form over fences. He has a kind and gentle nature, and is particularly well-mannered for a young horse. His natural balance and ability to adjust his stride make him an ideal candidate for the equitation ring. Katie found Romeo for a friend’s client during our spring season in Aiken, South Carolina.

Fascinatin’ Rhythm

2008 3/4 Thoroughbred 1/4 Clydesdale mare
Height: 16.2 hands

“Molly” is a kind and talented young horse. She has been well-started on the flat and was introduced to small fences. She is naturally balanced and has lovely suspension. Molly joins her new partner, Missy, in Massachusetts and will enter the eventing world as a future star. We discovered Molly in Virginia, through a childhood Pony Club friend.


2002 Registered Trakehner Cross gelding
Height: 16.2+ hands

A striking dark bay, “Stan” began his professional career in the equitation ring on the Wellington, Florida show circuit. He was then purchased for a young rider who’s interests shifted to eventing. Stan is an incredibly kind, patient and sweet gentleman of a horse. Katie assisted with finding Stan’s owner with finding him a new partner. Stan was located in Massachusetts, and now resides in New Hampshire. A big congratulations to Zoë and Stan, who will now pursue the 3′ equitation!

1994 Clydesdale Cross mare
Height: 16.3+ hands

Allie has extensive experience eventing at the Beginner Novice and Novice levels in USEA recognized events. A bold presence, Allie has lovely movement, and is forward and light off the leg. Her honest nature lends herself as the ideal partner for the adult amateur excited to explore the world of eventing. Allie originally resided in Vermont, and now lives in New Hampshire. Congratulations, Ruth Anne on your partnership with Allie! This new partnership will soon be dominating the events in Area 1.

pirateWoodland’s Starbuck

2001 Welsh/Thoroughbred gelding
Height: 14.2 hands

Originally owned by Myopia, “Pirate Flag” has extensive experience in the hunter and equitation rings and pony hunter derbies. Most recently, Pirate ventured to the cross-country field, beginning his eventing career. His kind eye, sweet temperament and darling demeanor make him the perfect match for a young rider or small adult looking to enjoy a multitude of riding adventures. Pirate originally resided in Massachusetts, and now lives in New Hampshire. Congratulations to Eileen! These two are forming the wonderful partnership that every young rider and pony deserve.

Please allow us the opportunity to help you find your next equine partner for the eventing, dressage, hunter, jumper and/or equitation disciplines!


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