GMHA: AKA Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. This weekend did not go as I had intended. At all.

The day began with Monty warming up calmly and beautifully, entering the ring like a happy champion, and then hearing the error bell. Twice. Turns out I had memorized the wrong test. So, I thanked the judge, withdrew, and wished her a great day. Monty was done for the weekend.

Deszi went into the dressage like the star she always is and won on a 28.6. This is what she does. And she does it well. Our show jumping was the first of only a few clean rounds. It was a cleaner ride on my part, which made her job easy. Yet again, the issues are all mine.

Cross country was classic fall GMHA, incorporating many of the same questions and a very similar track. The fences were not max in size and the approaches were honest with some nice galloping between elements. Given the incredibly dry hard ground and sudden rain from the night prior, we studded and planned to cover ground in our stride but ease off to fences and between lines. The first related question was in the day parking field: and barn with a bending 6 strides to thatched-roof house. We came in quiet to the first element, landed, and in the third stride she slipped and could not recover her footing. I became one with the earth. I hopped to my feet, mounted her from another XC fence, and after some deliberation that fall was not related to a fence, we were cleared to continue. A review of Deszi for soundness and we were off. Unfortunately, the President of the Ground Jury’s clearance did not make it to every fence judge’s walky-talky, so I spent several breaths sharing I was clear to continue at each fence. Then the TD stopped me in the last 1/3 of the course, to which I was then cleared to go once he realized the decision had been made.

Upon review of a video my mother took, Deszi slipped as her inside hind carried through to support the left in her front end at the third stride. Upon landing, her hind leg slipped under her and her right hind tried to support her frame. We had jumped in quietly, and were in perfect balance upon recovery. The footing wasn’t there to support the stride. Deszi has a brilliant gallop stride and she makes Preliminary time with very little effort. Had we not had the slip, she would have finished double clear.

In the end, my horse was sound and confident despite the multiple disruptions around course. All of this is a testament to her character and her impeccable value as a partner. Although she has not found her person yet (two buyers have been declined as I felt they were not the right fit), I am confident she will find someone that will adore her and enjoy her as much as I do.

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