GMHA Gratitude

After a competition, sometimes the only thing to say is how grateful you are for your horses, your friends, and your family. The horses have enjoyed a week of R&R, enjoying a quieter pace after two substantial competitions.


Last weekend, Garth and Deszi competed at the GMHA Festival of Eventing. Garth ran Intermediate, and Deszi ran Preliminary. Both horses were spectacular, cruising around another top course with focused intent and a happiness you can’t fake. Garth’s dressage test fizzled in the humidity after a lovely warmup, but still showed continued improvement at this new level, earning a 35.8. Despite downpours, Deszi and I managed to navigate our dressage test despite not being able to see through the curtain of rain running down my helmet to place 2nd with an impressive 26.4.

After the heavy rain, the footing for stadium took a beating. Nothing was draining, and as horses worked, the footing became deeper. Garth was one of only six horses in his division of 28 to jump clean in show jumping. Deszi worked very hard around the course, but pulled 3 rails. Only 3 horses jumped clean, and Deszi moved to 4th place.

Cross country was inviting, and had some beautifully designed fences and nicely positioned questions. Unfortunately, the track did not allow for a genuine gallop (particularly at Intermediate) as Millbrook and NJ’s courses encouraged, but the footing more then made up for that. Both horses felt a bit tired after competing at Millbrook, and needed some extra encouragement to cover the terrain between fences. Garth and Deszi both made light work around the track and came through confidence and sound.

I was incredibly fortunate all weekend to have many people there to help and encourage us. Katie B was a champion despite the rain, assisting me with the horses for dressage and show jumping. Kathryn, Andrea, Kuffer (horse-partner in training) and my husband Roger all came Sunday for the cross country. I am very touched that these people took a day out of their busy lives and limited free-time to be with me during a competition. I have an incredibly supportive community, and it makes a difference. My success never rests solely on my shoulders, but on the many people that make me a better rider and horseman – often without knowing.

A huge thank you to Katie Belhumeur and Andrea Manley for the videos, and Kuffer for the photo!

Katie Murphy

[email protected]

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  1. Kimberly Sgroi says:

    Great job, very impressive work, Katie!

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