Balance is a funny thing. It seems easy. Sounds easy enough – hey, I could walk the balance beam as a kid just fine! But, balancing life is nothing short of a miracle, on a good day. Of all my horse-gal friends, there is a common characteristic among all of us: we take on a lot. We like a full plate. Perhaps it’s a voracious appetite for life. Maybe a desire to never slow down? Over-achiever personality type? Or, we may just be wack-a-doo.

I find we try to live a “normal” life while adding in the horses and ensuring they, and our competition and training schedules, remain a priority. For some, this includes a romantic partner, a spouse, children, one too many puppies, work, school – you name it. Add it to the list, because you probably know a horse person who has incorporated it into their daily juggle.

For me, my many balls in the air include 1) work, 2) darling Roger, 3) Emitt and Garth, 4) Grad school, 5) daily horse care and maintenance of the family farm, and more recently 6) preparing for life in Southern Pines. Thank heavens for Mr. Clean (Roger), because without him, our town-home would not get vacuumed as often as it should.

I’ve worked hard to maintain a balance in life, to ensure that no one aspect in my life suffers. Most often, I work best under pressure. When I don’t have a full schedule I have a hard time maintaining focus and motivation. That is, of course, until I get sick. Any pace below moch-20 is difficult for me, and I don’t like slowing down. I also don’t care for the body aches, sweats, chills, dizziness and inability to breath. Delusion was a factor as well – particularly when I set off the farm alarm 3 times this weekend. ADT: “We see the alarm went off. Again. Are you alright?” Instead of being candid, I answered in the appropriate manner.

So, if you or one of your over-achiever friends is feeling down have faith that they will bounce back. They may be missing a lung, weighed down by pockets packed with tissues, or dragging the saddle across the aisle from lack of strength, but rest assured, they will be back – they will ride another day!

On a side note – I am feeling better. After sleeping for nearly 3 days straight, aside from barn chores of course, I am slowly picking up my many balancing acts and returning to normalcy. After all – the Area 1 meeting is this weekend, and I can not miss that!

Until then, be well and be healthy!

Katie Murphy

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  1. KC says:

    If anyone can get everything done and still have a smile on her face at the end of the day, it’s you!

  2. Chrissy says:

    You’re better! Mom said you were really sick 🙁

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