The Love of a Stick

I am a very proud terrier.

You will never get my stick!!

Amidst the snow and falling ice, the boys frolicked. Emitt and Garth played tag and “who-can-rear- higher”, scoring their moves based on 1) originality, 2) my stress level, and 3) defiance of gravity.

Frankie was quick to find a stick weighing a significant percentage of his own body weight. A hearty little terrier/corgi mix, Frankie is the first to conquer massive tree limbs, pridefully dragging them despite tripping in the snake-like branches.

Mine. All mine.

Are you gonna throw it? Please throw my stick! Please!!!

Hooray! She threw my stick!!!

Sam is always eager to play fetch. Frankie has yet to learn the joys of returning the toy, only to have it thrown for him. He is quick to steal toys the moment Sam drops them for another round of fetch. A happy lab, Sam rarely let’s anything slow him down. He is quick to find another toy!


I will miss this saucy little dog while Sam and I are down south. However, I don’t think Sam will be as saddened.

Happy snow day!

Frankie schooling levade while weight lifting.

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