Things We Love – Part 5

It’s spring in New England, and that means winter is behind us – thank heavens! It also means cleaning. As we gleefully usher in the new season, I am busily removing all things winter that I normally would have done in January had I headed south for those spirit-crushing, heart-freezing, depression-inducing months of winter.

I have discovered a new tool, a product that will transcend your horse life into your “non-horse” life (what is that?!?). And, it will make everything easier.

I have tried everything – literally everything. From the organic and gentle, to soaking in straight bleach – nothing has worked as well as this stuff. Oil, leather stains, dirt and sweat, organic material (code name for poop), this stuff takes it out. Even those stains that you don’t know where they came from, how they got there, or what they may be – you may not want to know. This stuff is amazing.

I spray it on. Leave it until I remember I had to do laundry at some point during the day. And then wash as normal. Magic. White. No stains. And it does not deteriorate the fabrics. Saddle pads, breeches, sock ties, boots – everything.

Happy spring to all!

Katie Murphy
Autumn Hill Farm

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