Katie represents the products and brands she believes in, and that ensure the well-being of her horses. Known for her warm and welcoming manner, she is an excellent choice to help with marketing and brand awareness in the Eventing, Dressage and Jumper communities. Katie considers these companies as crucial members to the Murphy Eventing Team, and is honored to be sponsored by them:

“Innovative design, exceptional quality, and classic style – Sagmae represents Butet saddlery and some of the finest bridles and accessories within the equestrian industry. My favorite products are my innovative Butet monoflap jumping saddle and the Dy’On half chaps. Butet makes my job easier: exceptional balance, fit, and function – and gorgeous design! Worn every day, my custom fitted Dy’On half chaps are personally designed and made from leather that wears beautifully.”
sentinel-logo_225 Sentinel Feed
“Blue Seal’s super premium Sentinel Feeds provide my horses with comprehensive, balanced nutrition backed by extensive research. Blue Seal’s Sentinel Performance LS, specifically engineered for performance horses, gives my competition horses the energy and nutrition necessary for the rigors of eventing within a low starch diet. Their coats bloom, they are eager to work and they maintain a healthy weight and energy throughout the year.”
Padperfect CROPPED PadPerfect
“I saw these saddle pads years ago and was so impressed, I ordered one on the spot. The dynamic colors do not bleed,  the stain resistance is incredible, and they have held up to heavy use beautifully. They do not shift, even with my monoflap saddles! The best part – they hold up and are still in fantastic, show-ready shape!”
Danzig Brothers
“By far, the finest quality halters and leather lead ropes. Bill and his team focus on details: customizing the perfect fit and offering a color combination every horse and rider will love. I have used their halters for years, and they are still in excellent condition: Four years old, and Garth’s padded halter still has perfect stitching, no fading, and his nameplate still shines. An excellent product at a great price!”
Hitair Hit-Air
“Hit-Air provides me with the safety and protection every rider needs while riding over fences. Light, breathable and reliable, I can ride with confidence. I will never run cross-country without this exceptional air vest!”
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Thumper Massage Thumper Massager
“Thumper Massagers are an intricate part of the success and health of my horses. The percussion massage penetrates the muscle fiber, ensuring faster recovery, relaxation and increased circulation. My horses love the Equine Pro at home and at competitions! I use the Maxi Pro on myself for fast and lasting pain relief.”

Katie would be proud to serve as an ambassador for your company, or to welcome personal supporters to our Team. Support, regardless of amount, is greatly appreciated and of enormous help to the Murphy Eventing Team and Katie’s talented horses. Katie competes at shows spanning the Eventing, Hunter/Jumper and Dressage disciplines along the East Coast throughout the year, and all sponsors will receive comprehensive exposure. She understands that her actions and manner are a direct reflection of the mission and values of her sponsors, and maintains the highest level of ethical behavior. Easily approachable, Katie enjoys meeting new people, and sharing her experiences with the companies and products partnering with Murphy Eventing. Whether on a horse, walking courses, or assisting students, you will often see Katie smiling and chatting throughout the competition!

Katie is happy to promote your product and company:

Wearing product logo at competitions
Showcasing advertising banners at competitons and her facility
Competing in desired clothing and products for horse and rider
Displaying logo on Murphy Eventing’s trailer/truck

Highlighting your company & product(s) on our Sponsor page, customized blogs, & social media

If you are interested in joining the Murphy Eventing Team, please feel free to contact us.

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